Inventory & Check-in 

An Urban Fox clerk will arrive at properties a few hours before the tenant(s). A detailed inventory of fixtures, fittings and contents along with meter readings and record of keys will then be compiled along with a Schedule of condition of the general state of cleanliness will also be prepared. 

Guidance notes on how to take care of the property during the tenancy together with check-out instructions how to get the property ready for the end of the tenancy will also be included. Once the initial inspection is carried out, the inventory is typed and all parties are issued copies to sign.



Before the start of the tenancy, one of our clerks will visit the property and inspect it to gather information about its condition and contents. Notes and photographs will be made and taken on the following- ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, sofas, tables, plates, cups etc. 

Once inspected the clerk will type up the inventory. Once it is signed by the tenant and the landlord it becomes a proof of the condition of the property and the items that are in it at the start of the Tenancy. 

The report can be used as evidence should a dispute arise at the end of tenancy.



At the start of a tenancy, an Urban Fox clerk will meet the new tenants at the property where a schedule of condition and cleanliness will be compiled. The provided inventory will be checked and signed by tenants.

Our clerk will make a record of keys and meter readings and also provide tenants with guidance notes on how to take care of the property during the tenancy together with check-out instructions of how to get the property ready for the end of the tenancy.



At the end of the tenancy, a detailed report is compiled and compared against the original inventory and check-in. 

Any changes, damages, missing items, maintenance or cleaning issues are listed with photographic evidence along with suggestions for any action required to return the property to the correct standard. Final meter readings will be recorded and we will also collect keys and return them to the agent or landlord.

An Urban Fox check-out report will help the landlord or agent decide as to what remuneration, if any, is to be paid by the tenant for any damages or deterioration in the condition of the property or its contents. 


Mid-term Inspection

Inspections can be requested every 3 months, before a renewal is agreed or on an ad-hoc basis (if there is cause for concern). Urban Fox inspections give the landlord or the agent an idea as to whether the property is being well treated or neglected by the Tenant(s).

Our clerk will inspect the property in line with the inventory at hand and in the presence of the tenants with their furniture and belongings.

The main objective of inspections is to check the tenant’s general compliance with the tenancy agreement with regard to cleanliness, neglect, repairs required and any damage.